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FINGER’S RESTAURANT, a Belgian company, founded in 2006, started its operations in Antwerp, the 2nd largest city in Belgium. It is strategically located on the De Keyserlei, in Antwerp – connecting the Central Station to the shopping street Meir.

The restaurant offers an array of diverse meals with chicken and hamburgers being the main specialty. It commits to provide service within minutes.

Eat Finger's, Belgian's Best Grilled Hamburgers & Fried Chicken

Our Focus

The main focus on fried chicken and grilled hamburger, those of the highest quality (prepared with a mixture of unique seasoning and various spices), is the result of an in-depth research carried out with its customer’s expectations in mind.

The FINGER’S experience excites the taste buds with its original aroma and flavor. It is complimented with friendly service in a family atmosphere.

Since its inception in 2006, FINGER’S customer rate has been growing constantly at a very fast rate.